In Japanese “NARA” means oak which is a symbol of life, strength, wisdom, family, resistance and loyalty. Those are the aspects that come to my mind when I think about getting married, starting a new path in your live. This is all I wish for you and I know you will achieve it. Together.

Behind the oak tree there is me, Maciej. I am a Polish guy living in Lyon, France with my beloved wife Alejandra. It happens that she is a wedding photographer, so if you are still looking for one, do not hesitate to check her work.
And guess what, we love to work together ;)

Destination Wedding Videographer

A few words about me. I really enjoy meeting new people and cultures. That is why I moved out from Poland and currently live in France. I love travelling all over the world when I have a little bit of free time. I am more than passionate about cinema, I wouldn’t lie if I said that it really complements my everyday life. As one of the most famous Polish poets Wisława Szymborska said: “Reading books is the most beautiful amusement that humanity has invented”. I replace “reading” by “making movies”.

Apart from that, I have to confess that eating burgers, drinking beer, watching rugby and waiting for a good moment to finally adopt my new dog-mate (expect an update soon!) are my guilty pleasures.

When working I always focus on people, on their interactions, on the emotions, on the atmosphere. Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life together. Being as invisible as possible, I observe and capture those moments. By getting to know you during the day (or with pleasure even before, I am always interested in skype or a cup of coffee together!) I learn how you really are. By choosing the right music I can only emphasize it. This is how my, or rather your films gets created.

Because each couple, each wedding, each story is different, I rather call the films: WORLDS. This is your own world, the world that I will help you create. Let’s create your world soon!